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Automotive systems like braking, steering, engines and suspension systems help with keeping your vehicle running proficiently with the expected comfort taking care of and power. In this systems ABS control module plays a very important role in choosing their activity. While there can be no less than one control module for every ABS Module systems, Body control Module, powertrain control module, engine control module are some of the examples for control modules in the vehicle.

These control modules go about as a middle center point, where data from different systems and sensors are gathered and used to control their separate systems in a smoothed out manner. They are additionally liable for showing any potential issues with the concerned framework way before they begin displaying the side effects of disappointment. Normally, the control modules turn on the separate advance notice lights in your vehicle’s dashboard when everything isn’t well with the related systems. This makes it simpler for the driver to investigate the issue and sort it out immediately.

What is ABS Control Module?

The ABS systems mainly contain of ABS sensors, hydraulic pressure control valves and control module which work inseparably to keep the wheels from locking up. Hence its name became Anti lock brake control module. Now a days in every every one of the four wheels have ABS sensors or wheel speed sensors in them. A few vehicles utilize two ABS sensors in their setup. 

A few ABS sensors are situated inside the wheel center get together while others are situated external to them. Regardless of their area, ABS sensors track the speed of the wheels consistently and send a related voltage to the ABS control module. Here is some more data on ABS sensors.

The anti lock brake control module continuously compare the speed of each four wheels. If one wheel is turning more slow than the other wheels, the ABS control systems actuate the hydraulic valves to diminish the slowing down force shipped off that particular wheels. This makes them run quicker, subsequently carrying them back in synchronization with different wheels. 

On the other hand if the ABS system module observes that a particular wheel is turning quicker than the other three wheels, it applies seriously slowing down power to that wheel, bringing the speed of the wheel down, as per the paces of different wheels. Along these lines, the foothold of the vehicle in any territory is reestablished by the ABS system module with the assistance of the sensors and valves.

There is for the most part a distinction in the rates of the wheels while the vehicle is rounding  a turn, since the inward wheels will pivot more slowly than the external wheels. This is on the grounds that, while turning, the external wheels need to travel a more noteworthy distance than the inward wheels. The control unit ABS is modified to disregard the distinctions in the velocities of wheels up to a specific level, which incorporates the speed distinctions while making a turn or adjusting corners.

The most widely recognized setup consists of these parts:

  • ABS Sensor 
  • ABS module
  • ABS modulator(also known as ABS pump)


If your anti brake module is defective, then it might overlook the readings of the rates of the wheels sent by the sensor. Then again, assuming any of the ABS sensors come up short, the control unit becomes ignorant about the alternating pace of that specific wheel, subsequently neglecting to recognize a condition where footing is required.  It isn’t generally that ABS sensors need substitution. They can perform underneath their normal productivity because of the garbage they get from the streets. Regularly, cleaning the ABS pump sensors will reestablish the systems  to work really as in the past. Different issues with the ABS control units systems remember flaws for the wiring and breakers. A broken ABS control module can cause strange slowing down conduct, particularly at low velocities.