Buy used AC compressor for replacement for your car online on Mainland auto parts. We have the best high quality ac compressor for makes and models. The AC compressor cost depends on the car models that you drive and what kind of parts you required from us. Before you start searching for Ac compressor for your vehicles you should know what exactly the AC compressor is.


AC compressor is the most important part of the air condition system. Without it, your whole AC compressor will not be able to work its main function that is making cool air inside your vehicles. Its primary job is to be placed the necessary amount of pressure on the vehicles refrigerant to initiates its heat transfer qualities and change temperature. This empowers you to remain cooler in the hotter month and have an unmistakable windshield in the month of the coldest months.

AC Compressor Parts and Variation:

The Compressor contain the following parts

  • Housing which contain valves and oil fill
  • Interfacing connecting points used for refrigerant pipeline
  • Pulley with electromagnetic

The Compressor contain the following Variation parts

  • Fixed and Variable swash plate
  • Rotating (vane and spiral)
  • Electrically-driven
  • Reciprocating

How to maintain your car AC Compressor?

  • Regularly use your AC compressor to keep each of the components of the systems properly lubricated.
  • Charge your refrigerant to ensure the correct levels of pressure
  • Clean and fix the drive belts as necessary.
  • Performs electrical checks on sensors and switches, as well as the relay and coil.

The main reason of AC compressor Failure is because of old. Incase you see your Ac compressor became fail or bad .You might have noticed something like clicking sounds, lack of cooler air coming out from vents. Than its time to replace your AC compressor or buy new .But Buying new AC compressor can cost you lot of money .So, we recommend you to buy your AC compressor from Mainland auto parts. TO BUY CALL US AT +1 (800) 585-2331