Buy used AC evaporator for replacement for your car online at Mainland auto parts. We have the best high quality Air Conditioner evaporator for all makes and models. The AC evaporator cost depends on the car models that you drive. Before you start searching for any AC evaporator for your vehicles you should know what exactly the car AC evaporator is.


The air-conditioning evaporator is a little radiator inside the dashboard that gives cold air for the air-conditioning system. The evaporator sometimes referred to as the ac evaporator core. It’s known as the evaporator because it’s where the freezing liquid refrigerant takes on any heat from the air blown through it and changes into a vaporous state (evaporating it) prior to returning it to the ac condenser to shed the heat; the cycle is continually repeated. The air that rises from the air conditioner is cold accordingly. The evaporator is regularly hidden inside the car’s dashboard which then requires a full framework recharge. A few vehicles, typically SUVs or vans, have two evaporators; one under the instrument panel, or somewhere else at the front of the vehicle, and another situated in or rear of the vehicle and can be labour-intensive to restore, Dissimilar to a ruptured warmer core, which can spill engine coolant into the foot wells, a leak in the evaporator delivers just only refrigerant vapor. A clogged drainage channel is a typical reason for water in the front foot wells.

Evaporator failures can typically be summed up in single word: leakage

Leaks can occur for one or two reasons. Normally, either a weld or seam has gone bad, creating a leak point, or corrosion has occurred, causing an “outside-in” disappointment. This frequently happens because leaves or other natural material enter the evaporator case through the outside air intake vents and interact with the evaporator’s surface. This moist atmosphere causes deterioration of the organic materials, and can form caustic destructive substances which can ultimately perforate the surface of the evaporator. These same substances can also likewise lead to a smell problem inside the vehicle, most recognizable when the system is first operated. Various deodorizing biocide treatments and drying modules are accessible to assist with this problem. The evaporator fins are also susceptible to stopping from leaves and other debris. If proper maintenance is consistently performed, then the evaporator coils should last up to 10 to 15 years.