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Acura was launched in the North American market (the United States and Canada) on 27th March 1986.

The first Japanese automotive luxury brand, Acura, was created to market luxury, performance, and high-performance automobiles. In the 1980s, the progress of the organisation’s first leader vehicle, the Legend, enlivened individual Japanese automakers Toyota and Nissan to send off their own luxury brands, Lexus and Infiniti.

Acura makes some highly rated SUVs and some of the lowest-priced luxury vehicles in the market.

Acura presented the MDX in 2001 as market interest for medium size hybrids expanded. The MDX addresses the principal hybrid SUV to supply three-column seating, considering up to seven travellers with two seating positions within the third line.

Today, the Acura MDX is in its fourth era and has progressed well past where it began, offering numerous innovations and lavish lodges that rival other vehicles in the medium-size SUV class.

The fourth-age MDX includes a more vigorous motor delivering incredible fuel consumption rate figures in both the front-wheel-drive (FWD) and all-wheel-drive (AWD) drivetrain varieties.

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