Buy a used Air flow meter for replacement for your car online at Mainland auto parts. We have the best high quality Mass Air Flow sensor  for all makes and models.The Air flow sensor depends on the car models that you drive whether it’s Mazda, BMW or Chevy. Before you start searching for any Air flow meter sensor for your vehicles you should know what exactly the Air flow meter car is.


Car Air flow meter

The Mass Air Flow sensor (MAF) or Air flow meter is one of the vital parts of an electronic fuel injection system in your vehicle. It is introduced between the air cleaner and the intake complex of the motor.

The mass air flow sensor estimates how much air enters the motor or the air flow.

In modern vehicles, an intake air temperature or IAT sensor is underlying the mass air flow sensor. There are few air flow sensors, in any case, modern vehicles use a hot-wire type.Lets understand how it works.

How Does an Air Flow Sensor or Air flow meter Work?

A Mass air flow sensor has a little electrically warmed wire (hot wire). A temperature sensor situated near the hot wire metres the temperature of the air close to the hot wire.

At the point when the motor is standing by, a limited quantity of air flows around the hot wire, so that it takes an extremely low electric flow to keep the wire hot. When you press the gas, the choke opens, permitting more air to flow over the hot wire. The passing air chills the wire down. The more wind streams over the wire, the more electrical current is expected to keep it hot. The electric flow is relative to the amount of air current. A little electronic chip located inside the air flow sensor makes an interpretation of the electric flow into a computerised signal and sends it to the engine computer (PCM). The engine computer uses the air flow sign to ascertain how much fuel to inject. The objective is to keep the air/fuel proportion at the ideal level.

Car Air flow meter problem

Mass Air flow meter Sensor problems are common in  many cars like Mazda,Nissan,BMW,Volkswagen,Honda,Chevy,Toyota ,GM and other car brands.The sensor or metre components could get damaged or contaminated.

For example:In Nissan Mass Air flow sensors can have failed sensors and cause the engine to crank yet not to start.

An inappropriately installed or collapsed air cleaner can cause the Air flow meter sensor to fail sooner. Over-splashing a washable air filter can likewise create issues or problems with the Air flow meter sensor.

Symptoms that your Air flow meter going bad

  • A bad air flow sensor can cause your car to experience issues like jerking, hesitation or engine stalling.This could occur while accelerating on the highway on ramp or cruising down a city road. These issues can create dangerous circumstances, causing injury and damage. On the off chance that you experience any of these side effects, you should inspect your vehicle as quickly as time permits.
  • Your car air fuel is running low and not enough air.If you notice these signs like black smoke coming from tailpipe,Check engine light and Worse fuel efficiency than expected.These issues can occur when the sensor is damaged or harmed.
  • When your vehicle is too lean like less fuel and too much air.When the sensor is giving inaccurate data to PCM.Running lean for longer time can seriously damage your car engines.
  • Damage caused by a faulty Air flow meter sensor or dirty obstructed.There are other more reasons like when vacuum is leaking, when not installed the engine filter properly.