All you need to know about Steering Column and where to buy it in Oregon

What is Steering Column?

The automotive steering column is a device intended primarily for connecting the steering wheel to the steering mechanism.

A steering column may also perform the following secondary functions:

Energy dissipation management in the event of a frontal collision, provide mounting for the multi-function switch, column lock, column wiring, column shroud(s), transmission gear selector, gauges or other instruments as well as the electro motor and gear units found in EPAS and SBW systems, offer (height and/or length) adjustment to suit driver preference

When Was Steering Wheel Invented?

Since steering wheels first appeared in 1894, they have shown an unending series of innovations. But they could soon become obsolete. They are exquisitely sensitive these days. You can operate them with your little finger. Or with your knee. Some people probably even try with their nose.

Facts About Steering Wheel:

In the beginning, steering wheels consisted of a metal carrier and a lot of wooden sheathing. Later, wood was replaced by plastic in order to reduce costs and the risk of injury (wood splinters). After the year 2000, many steering wheels were functionally overloaded. Also, the airbag was built into it. In the future, cars will be able to drive autonomously and without the need for a steering wheel.

How Effective Steering Column?

Why do some cars respond so well to the driver? Great handling makes you feel safe and in control – and makes panic swerves and steering corrections as effective as possible. The lightest touch of the wheel should direct the steering system effortlessly and precisely. As well as a well-designed suspension, it takes a good quality steering system and steering parts to achieve excellent handling. If you’d like to know the anatomy of a steering system and how it supports handling, road holding and driveability, here is an easy overview.

What are the components of the steering system in cars?

Whatever a car’s make and model, quality auto steering parts support a flawless drive. Premium rack and pinion parts manufactured by MOOG include axial rods, tie rod ends, drag links, centre arms, steering rack gaiter kits, tie rod assemblies and wheel end bearings. These steering parts are robust and hard wearing enough to provide both strength and durability. Choosing parts which meet OE manufacturer specifications means the whole assembly will be responsive and long-lasting.

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