The Axle Assembly is warrantied to be in good working and are warrantied to be free of any internal defects in material or workmanship. Repair or replacement of a defective axle assembly, carrier, and differential will be provided under normal use and proper maintenance set forth by the manufacturer, subject to the following terms and conditions. Your Axle Assembly may have the optional accessories attached for convenience but are not covered under the warranty. Those items include but are not limited to,

  • Gear Sets
  • Caliper
  • Rotor
  • Hub
  • Drum
  • Brake Cables

These parts are sold as a replacement used part for the vehicle listed on this agreement. These parts are sold by application and condition only and not year, make or model. Mainland Auto Parts does not include any brake parts on an axle assembly, carrier or differential unless listed on your invoice. If any of these parts are included on the part you ordered but not listed on the invoice, they are considered as complementary and can be used at the installer discretion. Mainland Auto Parts always recommends new pads or shoes. Add-on parts are specifically excluded from any warranty offered herein.

Installation Checklist

  • Do a visual inspection
  • Ensure the parts you receive match the parts you need.
  • Match up shock mounts, mounting pads, spring pads and backing plate to backing plate width as needed.
  • Check axle flanges, driveshaft flange and insert the drive axle to make sure the spline fits properly.
  • Make sure your wheel fits the axle pattern.
  • Inspect the housing to make sure it is not bent.
  • Reuse your brake calipers and or brake parts.
  • Replace brake pads or disc pads with new if possible. If not, ask the installer if the parts from your vehicle are reusable.
  • Inspect hydraulic lines, hoses and brake cables. Some of these type lines carry the fluid that operate the brakes.
  • Replace as needed, ask the installer if your lines/hoses or cables are reusable. Sometimes these parts are cut or damaged during removal from the donor vehicle.
  • Check gaskets and seals. Some of the axle assemblies, carrier/differential assemblies have had the rear cover removed for inspection.
  • Ask your installer is a replacement gasket for the rear cover is needed.
  • Mainland Auto Parts always recommends replacement to avoid any leaks.
  • Check fluid levels. Some units are drained before shipping. Always use dealer recommended fluid so you do not void the warranty. Operating this type of part with no fluid, a low level of fluid or the wrong fluid will damage the unit.
  • Use a gasket or 100% silicone to seal the cover or third member to the housing. Use only high-quality name brand gear oil and fill the differential until the oil spills out the plug hole.
  • We DO NOT recommend using synthetic oil with any clutch-type Limited-Slip/Posi Differentials.
  • Check fluid levels. Some units are drained before shipping.
  • Use dealer recommended fluid, so you do not void the warranty. Operating this type of part with no fluid, a low level of fluid or the wrong fluid will damage the unit.
  • Clutch-type posi-traction carriers require conventional oil and friction modifier (additive) to function correctly.
  • If equipped, inspect wheel lug studs.
  • Check the threads by running a lug nut up and down the studs to remove debris and make sure the threads have not gotten damaged. If a stub is missing or not acceptable, remove a stud from your vehicles axle and reinstall on the replacement unit.
Common Causes of Failure
  1. Leaking or Low Transmission Fluids
  2. Worn Gears
  3. The Transmission Filter Is Clogged
  4. Poor Clutch Performance While Driving
  5. Overload
  6. Metal Fatigue
  7. Road conditions
  8. Collisions
  9. Brake Pad Misalignment
  10. Leaking Grease
  11. Wheel Wobbling & Vibrations
  12. Bent or Broken Axle Shaft
  13. Sputtering Noises
  14. Vehicle Strains
How To Prep Exchange Unit for Return:
  • Do not return exchange prior to completed installation. (This may result in lost bolts, sensors and/or brackets).
  • Completely drain all oil and fluids from unit.
  • Exchange must be assembled as a unit and placed on pallet or container as delivered.
  • Mark the unit as “core” and notify your sales representative for a pick-up.