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What is Axle Housing?

Axle housing refers to the housing components required for both structural support and for transporting the axle’s driveline components, bearings, and seals.

The axle housing may be built in a single piece or in a split (banjo) style. The first is called the banjo kind because of how it looks. The differential carrier covers the front hole, while a spherical cover plate covers the back entrance.

In big trucks and tractors, the axle housing is a heavy cast item since it must support the weight of the vehicle. In light-duty trucks, the axle housings themselves could be made of steel tubing that has been welded or extruded, as opposed to the center or differential and final drive case, which is often a cast and machined item.

The axle housing may be riveted, welded, or cast with components such brake backing plates, mounting flanges, spring mounting plates, and auxiliary units. The internal parts can frequently be inspected, removed, and installed through inspection covers that are provided. Typically, the housing inspection cover has lubricant filler plugs.

There is a breather vent or valve installed on top of the housing to avoid pressure buildup when the axle gets warm. Without this valve, the pressure that would be created may push the axle lubricant past the oil seals on the back wheels, harming the brake linings. The valve is designed to allow air to enter or exit the axle housing while keeping out moisture and dirt.

Types of Axles Housing :

Rear Axle Housing: The rear axle housing is also known as Rear Axle. The rear axle is in charge of sending power to the turning wheels. Half shafts, which are its two parts, are joined by the differential. The majority of the time, the rear axles spin along with the wheels of the vehicle.

Front Axle Housing: The Front Axle housing is also known as Front Axle. This axle is important for aiding in steering and absorbing shocks from the road’s irregular surface. It is located in the front of the car. The beam, swivel pin, track rod, and stub axle are their four primary components. Front axles need to be as strong as possible, hence nickel steel or carbon steel are frequently used in their construction.

Stub Axle Housing: The vehicle’s front wheels are connected to stub axles by kingpins, which are then connected to the front axle.