Back glass of a car is also called the back windshield, rear windshield and rear glass. This type of auto glass helps your
vehicle to keep its rigid frame and also protects occupants of the vehicle.  


Rear Windshield Glass

The back glass windshield is made similarly of tempered glass like front glass or vent window .The back glass window is fortified by warm or chemical treatments so it can endure obtuse power, however will break into small, granular pieces of glass rather than shards. This is an element of tempered glass and therefore is frequently called “safety glass”.

The rear windshield comes with different sizes and shapes, it depends on the truck and car. Most cars have a rear glass that is completely bonded to the rear casing of the vehicle, while certain trucks have sliding panes also known as“ truck sliders” or ones that open outwards on a pivot so that air might circulate in the vehicle or provide additional room for bigger loads. Some vehicles have a back windshield to wipe dirt and water off of the rear windshield, so the back view is not obstructed.

Whether it is the side window glass or windshield glass ,all auto glass can be categorized by two type:

Back Window Replacement

How much it cost to replace broken back glass window?

The average replacement of any car window price will be $212, but it can differ from car to car. The price can be high or low depending on the multiple factors like vehicle makes and model. However, when it comes to getting a broken car window replaced ,most of the vehicle owners go for cheap back window replacement.

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Causes of Back Window Glass Broken or Damaged

  • Sudden changes in temperature like extremely cold and hot can put pressure on the back glass and damage it.
  • Heavy rain or bad weather which is not in our control can also damage your back glass.
  • Improper installation can also break your back glass that is why it’s important to install it by professional mechanics.
  • Road accidents can happen anytime and these accidents can cause serious damage to your car and windows.