Used Backup light/Backup lamp

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What are backup light bulbs on a car ?

A Back-up lamp or light on a car is also called as Reverse light or tail light .These lights are present in Cars, trucks, SUVs
and other vehicles .Backup lights help to warn other vehicles when they are about to move backward or when you step into
brakes .These light is one of the safety components for your vehicles. There are 3 type of tail light :
● LED tail lights
● Altezza tail lights
● Third brake lights

How Reverse Light Bulbs Work?

When you reverse your car ,the reverse light turns on.Which will give signal to the vehicles that you are about to reverse your
car and vehicle coming from behind will stop otherwise it will continue to head on towards you.In large trucks ,they activate
backup alarm which beep to indicate that vehicle is travelling in reverse. Now you can imagine what would happen if we
didn’t use the reverse light for signals.Scary isn’t it.
Reverse light is not all about turning your car backwards.Its also important to how much to reverse and at what angle.The
backup light provides abundant light to figure out how much to reverse.

When to know if the Backup light Bulb is damaged or not working properly?

Backup light is for safety and to prevent accidents. When the Reverse light bulb led is not working, you know you have to
replace that backup lamp because the vehicle may be more susceptible to accidents.
Just check your vehicle for these symptoms :
● When backup light is continuously on and off
● When the backup light is fell to come on at all
● When the backup light lamp function intermittently
● When the reverse light get dim or fuse

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