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Beam axle also known as solid and rigid axle. A beam axle assembly is a dependent suspension design in which a set of wheel is attached by a single beam or shaft. Beam axle is typically used at the rear wheel of a car but previously it was used as front axles in four-wheel-drive vehicles.

How solid axle suspension work?

A solid beam axle suspension houses the vehicle differential inside the axle itself, attached to the wheels by half shafts. The complete axle proceeds as one,so if the left wheel falls into a pothole the right wheel automatically moves upward in response.With an independent suspension, the differential is not inside the axle rather it is attached to the chassis and driveshaft gives power to each wheel. The differential can’t move with the axle, each wheel can have their own independent suspension link to the vehicle. But if the left wheel falls into the pothole, the right wheel is unable to move because the size of the suspension piece is short, so the radius of travel is also smaller and it will reduce the wheel travel. Driven beam axles is mostly used by pick-up trucks, Vans and other LCVs as rear axle.

Live axle and dead axle

Solid Axle or Live Axle
A solid axle suspension also known as live axle. Live axle houses the vehicle differential on the inside of axle,which is connected to the vehicle wheel by rigid half shafts.

Dead axle or Non driving axle
A dead axle is also know as non driving axle.In these axle has no inner gearing to supply drive to the wheel of the axle.As a result there is no abrasion or losses due to lubricant churning which makes less parsitics losses in the drivetrain.

Symptoms of bad or damage Axle
Axle is very essential parts for vehicles. You will know if the axle is damage or broken , because the wheel will not spin. However, there are some sign and symptoms you can check before it gets too late.
● One of the major symptoms of a broken axle is when the wheel is not rotating.
● When the axle is damage or bent ,the vehicle might begin to strain
● The vehicle sometime make clunking sounds because the axle is unable to move adequate power to the wheel
● When the wheel is vibrating and wobbling which will also make your vehicle vibrate.
● Issues while braking, the brake pads will shift which will leads to misaligned with the wheels and rotor.
● You will notice at the brake drum some amount of oil leakage .