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What is a beam axle

A beam axle or a rigid axle or a solid axle or a live axle is a dependent suspension design in which a set of wheels is laterally connected using a single beam or shaft. It is typically used in the rear of a rear wheel drive vehicle. It is also found on both the front and rear of four-wheel drive vehicles. Even though it is usually suspended by leaf-spring-type suspension, it can also be suspended by coil springs or by a pan hard bar to maintain the axle’s position between the chassis frame rails.

The beam axle has been used in almost every type of automobile and truck ever produced. The beam axle is able to create a strong platform to design a vehicle on by placing axle tubes rigidly mounted to a differential. While it does not produce the ride quality and smoothness of an independent rear axle, the beam axle can be brought up to high quality ride standards through careful spring and shock-absorber selection.

Symptoms of a failing beam axle

1. Rhythmic Clicking Noises When Turning – If the lubricating grease leaks out of the protective boot completely, the joint will become dry. As a result of this, the metal components will not smoothly side against one another, but will instead rattle and clatter together, creating a clicking noise that will get faster and louder as you accelerate or as your steering wheel turns. This is a sign that your beam axle needs to be replaced. A dry joint will wear out rapidly and will eventually fail completely.
2. Grease On Inside Of Front Tires – Before total joint failure happens, you will notice signs that the boot surrounding the universal joint has failed. The front axle’s universal joint is a grease filled joint covered with protective boot which allows the crucial lubricating grease to leak out. And when that happens, it will collect on the inside edge of your vehicle’s front tires. A quick check using a flashlight will help you confirm this.
3. Vehicle Will Not Move – Since front axles deliver engine power to the front wheels, if even one of the front axles fails completely, the vehicle will not move at all. This level of damage is usually caused by an accident. In this case, immediate replacement of the front axle is necessary.

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