Bell Housing

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Transmission Bell Housing

Bell housing is a small portion of the transmission ,which covers the clutch and the flywheel of the transmission connect to engine.Because of the bell shaped its named as a Bell housing. The bell housing is made out of cast iron, aluminium ,steel and nodular iron. To optimise the sound conducts of power packs,it is possible to give bell housing with components

Why Bell housing is important

Bell housing is important for proper clutch function and it also makes sure whether other components are working properly or not. Aligning the bell housing is absolutely getting the transmission input shaft centerline and motor crankshaft centerline in ideal alignment with each other. The assembling tolerances of motor blocks and bellhousings can fluctuate. Misaligned input
shaft/crank centerlines can cause the following issues:
● Hard moving
● Pilot bearing wear
● Transmission principal shaft bearing wear
● Clutch disc hub failure
● Loss of strength to the wheels
● Engine machine work, for example, the line bore or hone can likewise affect alignment.

Bell Housing Leak

Fluid leaking from Bell housing means your transmission is leaking from somewhere.There are some areas which are very difficult to inspect. The 1st step is to check from the front of your transmission. Most bellhousings do not go all around the way. They are sometimes divided in half where the engine block connects the oil pan or have a cover at the bottom or top where you can disconnect a small plate and peek inside the bell housing. You should know from where the fluid is leaking is coming from bell housing ,it can be
● Bearing retainer plain
● Fluid pump seal
● Transmission cooler lines
● The Torque converter
Once you’ve popped the examination cover off look at the flexplate or flywheel. If incase fluid is dripping off the transmission side than you have got a transmission liquid pump seal leak if you’ve got an automatic transmission or a transmission front seal leak. If there is no fluid on the flywheel or flexplate then you’ve got a bearing retainer plate spill in a transmission cooler or a manual transmission leak on an automatic transmission.