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What is Car Blower Motor and How it works

Car Blower Motor is a Fan present in vehicles. Its located under the passenger side. Blower motors push the cold or hot air through the dashboard vent according to the climate setting. When we adjust the speed of the fans it sends a signal through a resistor to the AC blower motor to either speed up or slow it down. The blower motor resistor balances the power based on the fan speed of the blower motor. When the motor fails only a small amount of air comes through the vent.To protect the Blower motor the fuse is located under the dash fuse panel.

The function of Blower Motor in car

A Blower motor is one of the important components of a car heating system. The function of the blower motor is to take the heat or cold air, depending on climate, produced by the HVAC system and spread it in the vehicles.

Symptoms of bad Heater Blower Motor Resistor

The blower is an electrical motor that is used for controlling the fan speed of the vehicle. When fan speed is changed by the instrumental cluster, the resistor changes the setting of the speed of the blower motor. A bad blower motor resistor can cause many problems, before it’s too late we need to repair or replace the blower resistor because it can damage the entire heating and air conditioner system. Usually, a bad car and truck blower motor resistor shows a few symptoms that can alert you.

  • The most common symptom of failing a blower motor resistor is when it is stuck at only one speed. Which can cause the entire AC system to stop working completely, you will also see no sign of air coming from the vent.
  • When the Blower motor setting is not working. You might also notice that the fan doesn’t function in a certain setting. This can be caused by the blower motor switch, so it’s recommended that a proper diagnosis should be done.
  • Another symptom is when there is no air coming out from the vent at all. As the AC heater Blower motor resistor is directly controlling the power, So when it fails it can cut all the power hence the air pressure can’t be produced. This means nothing comes out of the vents, you are left with the heater or AC.