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Dodge is an American automobile brand that includes performance cars, In the 1900s it was founded by 2 brothers Horace Elgin and John Francis Dodge as Dodge Brothers Company. Dodge was initially a provider of parts and congregations to Detroit-based automakers like Ford.

In 1914, They started constructing vehicles under the brand “Dodge Brothers”, originating before the establishment of Chrysler Corporation. From 1910 to January 1980, the dodge main factory was established in Hamtramck, till it shut down.

In January 1920, John dodge died of Spanish flu. In December of the same year, his brother Horace also died from the Spanish flu. In 1925, their family sold the company to Dillon prior to being offered to Chrysler. From 1998-to 2009, the brand “Dodge” went through numerous proprietorship changes at Chrysler. In 2011, they separated the brand and sub-brands into  Dodge viper and Dodge ram. Dodge has become notable for its traveller vehicle yield, alongside its many truck models.

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