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Drive Shaft

What is a drive shaft?

A drive shaft or a propeller shaft is a component for transmitting mechanical power, torque and rotation and is usually used to connect other components of a drivetrain that cannot be connected directly due to the need to allow for relative movement between them or simply because of the distance between the two components.

Drive shafts are used differently in different vehicles depending on whether it’s front-wheel drive, rear- wheel drive, four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. FWDs typically don’t essentially have a drive shaft; instead they combine the transmission and axle into a single unit called the transaxle. In RWDs, a long drive shaft is necessary to send power to the length of the vehicle. Most of these vehicles have a clutch and gearbox (or transmission) mounted directly on top of the engine, with a drive shaft leading to a final drive in the rear axle. In 4WDs and AWDs, there are two drive shafts. There is the same driveshaft that is present in a rear- wheel drive car and additionally, there is also a front driveshaft that is connected to the front differential and the transfer case by U-joints

When to replace your Drive Shaft

The driveshaft is an important part of the drivetrain if it does not function properly, it can cause a lot of problems to the operation of the vehicle. You may not easily notice that the driveshaft is broken from the way it looks. However, its internal parts need to always be free of wear and should be well lubricated in order for it to function properly. If you notice any of these signs while driving, it could be an indication that your drive shaft is in need of replacement-

1. Vibrations from Under The Vehicle – An early sign of drive shaft problems are intense vibrations that come from underneath the vehicle. This happens due to driveshaft bushings or the universal joint (U-joint) being worn out.

2. Squeaking Sounds – Squeaking sounds can be the sign of a couple of drive shaft problems. While it doesn’t necessarily mean that the drive shaft has failed, squeaky noises at low speed do typically indicate that the bearings or the U-joints are in need of lubrication.

3. Clunking Sounds – Loud clunking noises coming from beneath the vehicle while shifting gears is often an indication that the U-joint is badly worn out and in need of replacement.

4. Other Strange Noises Like Clicking Or Knocking – These noises usually mean that the CV joint or some other part of the drive shaft is worn out and in need of lubrication or replacement.

5. Difficulty Making Turns – This is most likely to be a U-joint issue.A failing U-joint will prevent the wheels from turning properly,making it difficult to control the vehicle. You can check the U-joints yourself by simply parking the vehicle, putting it into neutral and moving the U-joint yokes back and forth. Too much movement is an indication that you are headed for trouble. While you’re at it, checking for visible rust on bearing cap seals is also a good idea since it can be another indication of driveshaft problems.

6. Shuddering While Accelerating – This is typically caused due to a loose u-joint or a bad carrier bearing and is commonly accompanied by unusual sounds. If your vehicle feels like it is faltering or shuddering when you press the gas, it’s an indication that your driveshaft is in need of a checkup and possible replacement.

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