Engine Assemly

Although we are offering a “Long Block”, (engine block and cylinder head) certain accessories may be included with your engine. These items, although provided at no charge, are not covered under your limited warranty. Things such as manifolds, intake and exhaust, sensors, and other electrical components, may look similar, but may not always be correct for your specific application. You must always be sure and use the correct parts for your vehicle, even if it means transferring them from your old engine. The Mechanical Parts Warranty excludes: Breakdowns caused by non-covered components, improper installation, failure to clear computer codes, defective workmanship, usage for which the part was not intended and/or improper maintenance (e.g. using the incorrect types and levels of fluids and lubricants as outlined in the vehicle’s “Owner’s Manual”).

For the standard warranty to be applicable, the following must exist:

  • Requires repair estimate and prior approval
  • Mainland Auto Parts Required Installation Procedures
  • Proof of maintenance must be provided (All warranty claims must have original installation repair orders.)

Your engine may have the optional accessories attached for convenience but are not covered under the warranty. Those items include but are not limited to,


  •  Alternator
  • A/C Compressor
  • Assembly
  • Air Cleaner
  • Assembly
  •  Bracket(s)
  • Engine Computer(s)
  • High pressure Fuel
  •  injection pump(s)
  • Flywheels
  • Exhaust Manifold
  • Gasket(s)
  •  Intake Manifold
  •  Wiring Harness
  • Valve Cover(s)
  • External Belt Driven
  •  Sensor(s) and Switche(s)
  • Supercharger
  • Turbocharger
  • Timing Cover(s)
  • Throttle Body
  • Injector(s)
  • Timing Belt(s) and Tensioner Bolt(s)
  • Fuel Rail
  • Ignition coil(s)
  • Spark plug(s) and Wire(s)
  • Starter
  • Steering Pump
  • Mount(s)
  • Water Pump(s)
  • Oil Pan 

Your engine may have the optional accessories attached for convenience but are not covered under the warranty. Those items include but are not limited to, Warning: Gear ratios will differ and will need to be matched. This is extremely important if the vehicle is equipped with four-wheel drive – if gear ratios are not matched, damage to other powertrain components may result. In the Event of a Failure: DO NOT uninstall the part, as this will void all warranties. Mainland Auto Parts must be contacted prior to any work being performed, including removing of the part, in order to maintain warranty coverage.

Installation Checklist

  • Determine why the original engine failure occurred and make appropriate repairs.
  • Ensure this engine is the same application as the one being replaced.
  • Clear all computer diagnostic codes from the vehicle prior to installing.
  • Exchange the oil pan and pick up tube.
  • Inspect and replace gaskets & seals (front seal, rear main seal, valve cover gaskets, oil pan gasket(s). On crankshaft bolts that are drilled through, sealant must be applied to avoid leaks.
  • Install new thermostat and gasket.
  • Replace timing belt
  • Remove all “cap-plugs” and orifice covers.
  • Replace hoses, clamps and belts.
  • Replace water pump.
  • Install replacement spark plugs and wires.
  • Exchange flywheel and bolts.
  • Exchange attached accessory items to insure proper fit (mounts, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, distributor, sensors).
  • Disable fuel/ignition before attempting to start engine. This will allow the oil to prime as indicated by the manufacturer.
  • Replace engine oil, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, coolant/antifreeze.
  • Drain excess oil and coolant from exhaust system.
  • If equipped with an engine oil cooler, the radiator or external cooler must be replaced.
  • Ensure the cooling system is flushed and functioning properly.

Common Causes of Failure

1. Failure to exchange fly wheel and its bolts.
2. Failure to exchange the oil pan and pick up tube.
3. Cooling system fans fail to cycle properly and melts heat indicator tab.
4. Failure to replace engine oil cooler or integral oil cooler in radiator.
5. Failure to install engine oil prior to starting.
6. Failure to remove all “cap-plugs” from hose orifices.
7. Failure to replace the thermostat and water pump.
8. Failure to clear all vehicle computer codes.
9. Failure to repair the “cause” of the original engine failure.

How To Prep Exchange Unit for Return:

Do not return exchange prior to completed installation. (This may result in lost bolts, sensors and/or brackets).

  • Completely drain all oil and fluids from unit.
  •  Re-use “cap-plugs” from replacement engine and install on core in same locations to avoid spills.
  • Exchange must be assembled as a unit and placed on pallet or container as delivered.
  •  Mark the unit as “core” and notify your sales representative for a pick-up.