Are you looking for engine replacement? Get aftermarket engine assembly from at an affordable cost. We are a trusted Auto parts store with high-quality OEM motors. Visit our website and search top brands’ engines in the part request form. But before that, you should know “How car engine work” and “type of car engine and their function”

The engine is the core of your car and truck. It is a complex machine built to change heat from burning gas into the force that turns the road wheels. The chain of responses that achieve that objective is rolled by a spark, which ignites a combination of fuel vapour and compressed air inside an immediately sealed cylinder and causes it to burn quickly. Because of this reason, it is called an internal combustion engine. As the combination burns it expands, giving the power to drive the car.

To endure its heavy workload, the engine should be a robust structure. It comprises two basic parts: the lower, heavier segment is the cylinder block, packaging for the motor’s main moving parts; the separable upper cover is the cylinder head.

The cylinder head contains valve-controlled entries through which the air and fuel combination enters the cylinders, and others through which the gases created by their ignition are expelled. The block houses the driving rod, which converts the reciprocating movement of the pistons into rotary motion at the crankshaft. Frequently the block also houses the camshaft, which controls mechanisms that open and close the valves in the cylinder head. Sometimes the camshaft is in the above mount or head.


V-8 engine

In-line Engine
This engine is simple and cheaper than a V-line engine.The cars with In-line engine in A segment are Maruti Celerio, Maruti Alto 800, Tata Tiago. In the B segment, cars with In-line engines are Toyota Corolla, Honda City, Verna, Chevrolet Cruze,Hyundai Elantra, Verna, Chevrolet Cruze, etc.

V-line Engine
In V-line it contains 2 cylinder bank which connects to the crankshaft. A v-line engine helps in balance and reduces vibration. It also helps in better aerodynamics. Types of V-line engines are V2, V3, V4, V5, V6, V8, V10, V12, V14, V16, V18, V20, and V24.

W-type engine
In this engine 2 or 4 cylinder bank used the same crankshaft which also resembles “W”.W-type engine is mostly used by heavy-duty vehicles, and exotic and luxury cars. Common types are W8, W12, W16

W12 is mostly used in Audi , Bentley, and Volkswagen.W16 used by Bugatti and Chiron

Radial Engine
In a Radial Engine cylinders are mounted in a circle around the crankshaft, some of the time in banks of at least two. Types of the radial engines are Multi-row radial, Diesel radial, Model radial, and Compressed air radial.

Opposite Cylinder Engine
In the opposite cylinder Engine, each cylinder has a piston at both ends and no cylinder head. The other name is Piston Engine. Mostly used on a large scale as military tanks and ships.

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