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Fiat Lancia is an Italian automaker and an auxiliary of the Dutch claimed Stellantis. Prior to being known as Lancia, it turned into a Fiat in 1969.

The brand is known for its solid revitalizing legacy, and specialized advancements, for example, the unibody undercarriage of the 1922 Lambda and the five-speed gearbox presented in the 1948 Ardea. Fiat Lancia vehicle parts are generally exceptionally difficult to come by and are strongly evaluated.

Deals of Lancia-marked vehicles declined from north of 300,000 yearly units sold in 1990 to under 100,000 by 2010. After corporate parent Fiat procured a stake in Chrysler in 2009, the Lancia brand portfolio was adjusted to incorporate rebadged Chrysler items, available to be purchased in most European business sectors. In the United Kingdom and Ireland be that as it may, Lancias were rebadged as Chryslers

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