Front Axle Assembly

Used & Rebuilt Front Axle Assembly

Front Axle Assembly

What is a Front axle assembly?

The front axle is responsible for carrying the weight of the front part of the vehicle as well as to facilitate steering. It also absorbs shocks inflicted on the vehicle due to road surface variations. As its name indicates, the front axle is located in the front of the vehicle. It has four major parts, which are the beam, the swivel pin, the track rod and the stub axle. The front axles are usually made of carbon steel or nickel steel to keep them as sturdy as possible.

There are generally considered to be two types of Front Axle –

Dead Front Axle– Dead front axles don’t rotate with the wheels and stay in place. However, they have sufficient strength and rigidity to transmit the weight of the vehicle from the springs to the front wheels.The ends of the axle beam shape appropriately to assemble the stub axle and to accommodate a swivel pin connecting the stub axle portion of the assembly. Part of the beams are usually shaped either as a yoke or unattractive surface with a drilled hole. They also have a housing that prevents them from coming into contact with water or dirt.

Live Front Axle– The live front axle delivers driving power from the gearbox to the front wheels. This axle contains the differential mechanism through which the engine power flows to the front wheels.

How to Recognize a Failing Front Axle?


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