Headlight Assembly

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Headlight Assembly

What is a headlight?

Headlights or headlamps are one of the most important features of a vehicle due to how essential they are in ensuring visibility.Because of this, they play a very decisive role in inferring the safety and drivability of a vehicle. They are attached to the front of a vehicle to illuminate the road ahead. Headlights are also often referred to as headlamps.

Headlight performance has been steadily improving with time,especially since the manufacturers have had to learn to adapt to the disparity between daytime and nighttime traffic facilities.According to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly half of all the traffic-related fatalities occur at night, despite only 25% of traffic travelling at night.

The different components of a headlight assembly are the housing, the regular beams, the high beams, and turn signal bulbs.The housing of the headlight is the hard-plastic cover in which the headlight is enclosed in. It is the carrier of all headlight components like cable, reflector etc. It also keeps the headlight fixed to the body of the vehicle and provides protection against exterior influences like heat and humidity. The regular beams are the ones that are activated during daylight when there is good visibility and ample amount of traffic. Conversely, high beams are the brighter bulbs which are used during night time when the road is dark and devoid of other traffic. Turn bulb signals are the ones used as turning indicators.

There are five types of headlights used currently. These are halogen, xenon or HID, LED, matrix and lasers.

Major warning signs that your headlights needs to be replaced

It is of vital importance that all headlight components are functioning properly. Failure of any part of the headlight can be extremely dangerous and in most states, result in fines or other penalties. There are four easy ways to distinguish when your headlights are headed south –

There are four easy ways to distinguish when your headlights are headed south –

1.Headlights Are Dim – Headlights tend to lose their lustre after awhile, so if you start noticing that yours are dimmer than before, then there is a good chance your headlights are nearing the end of their life span and will burn out soon.

2.Headlights Are Flickering –There are multiple possibilities behind a flickering headlight. It could be a bad electrical connection, an internal issue or they could simply be burning out. Either way, flickering headlights needs to be taken to a mechanic to be inspected.

3.Vehicle’s Veadlights Are Hazy – It’s not uncommon for headlights to turn yellow or otherwise become hazy from salt, dirt and even UV rays. Fortunately, there is an easy fix – they can be fixed simply by cleaning the headlight cover with a special cleanser made exclusively for this purpose. Other times, the headlights will have to be replaced. Regardless of which category your hazy headlights are going to fall under, it’s best to get them checked out before it’s too late.

4.Headlights Are Dead – This is of’ course the most obvious sign that your headlights are in need of replacement. And while you are at it, it would be for the best if you replace both of the headlights, not only because the other one is also likely to burn out soon, but also because the headlights needs to offer consistent, not lopsided illumination at night.

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