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From 1955 to 1975 Imperial was the brand for Chrysler Corporation for luxurious cars again from 1981 to 1983. Since 1926 the Imperial name had been used as a Chrysler Imperial. Although the organisation spun off Imperial into its own division to make greater competition with its North American competitors, that was Cadillac and  Lincoln in 1955.

Imperial would see new or changed body styles launched every 2 to 3 years, with all automatic transmission and V8 engines, as well as new innovations that would refine down to Chrysler Corporation’s additional models.

Chrysler Corporation dispatched notices to all 48 state licensing agencies that the Imperial, starting in 1955, would no longer be registered as a Chrysler, yet as a different make. The Imperial accepted its own platform, separating it from some other divisions of Chrysler and sharing the all-new “Forward Look” aspects, showing many styling highlights features with the idea of the Chrysler Norseman car built in 1956.

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