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Instrument Cluster

What is an instrument cluster?

Instrument cluster is more commonly known as the dashboard and it houses various displays and indicators that enable the driver to operate the vehicle effectively and safely. Among these are several gauges like the speedometer and odometer which are a legal requirement, tachometer, oil pressure gauge, fuel gauge etc. Instrument cluster basically provides the driver with a centralized and easily viewable location for displaying all the critical system information.

Some of the major subsystems are –

Load drivers  Each physical gauge in an instrument cluster is actuated by an individual stepper motor. Also, virtually all instrument clusters usually include LED backlighting. All of these devices need an appropriate load driver to operate properly. Often the instrument cluster MCU will have integrated stepper motor drivers as well.

Connectivity Being the de facto standard for high integrity serial communications, an automobile’s Controller Area Network or CAN performs one of the most important roles of the vehicle network. CAN is for applications that have to communicate numerous yet small pieces of data consistently among nodes.

Processor  Automotive applications are all inherently safety-critical, so the processor or microcontroller has to offer a level of performance that is high enough to guarantee reliable and real-time control. Apart from its ability to execute code rapidly, the microcontroller is also chosen for its application-specific integrated peripherals.

Power management  Low-dropout regulators can be useful for instances of heavy loading, like when engaging an electric starter etc. An instrument cluster can include stepper motors, external memory, one or more MCUs, CAN interface, LED backlighting, LIN interface – all of which can operate at different voltage levels. With so many different power rails, careful consideration is required while designing for compactness, efficiency, low EMI and low cost.

When to replace your instrument cluster

Your vehicle’s dashboard gauges can tell you almost everything about the state of your vehicle. When one gauge stops working, the problem is most likely isolated. When all gauges stop working, it is instead a symptom of a defective instrument cluster.

The following are some of the most common symptoms that might indicate a defective instrument cluster –

1. Dim Instrument Cluster Lights – If it’s day time and the dimmer switch isn’t causing the problem, it’s best to ensure that the headlights isn’t on since instrument cluster lights tend to dim if the headlights are on. If checking the headlights doesn’t solve the problem, then the instrument cluster lights might need replacement.

2. Partially Dark Instrument Panel – If a portion of the dashboard is dark while the rest are bright, the incandescent bulbs are likely burnt out.

3. Completely Dark Instrument Panel – If the entire instrument panel has gone dark, the odds are a fuse is blown. It’s best to replace the old one with a completely new one with the help of a technician.

4. Flickering Instrument Lights – If the instrument cluster lights are flickering, it means that either your car battery is dying or that an alternator is failing. Thus, in this case, it’s best to call in a mechanic.
5. Pegged Needles and Erratic Gauges – If your car’s gauges move erratically or remain pegged at a particular reading, it indicates towards a bad component like the voltage regulator. If your gauges are always reading full, a bad or loose ground is the most likely cause.
6. Malfunctioning Speedometers and Speed Sensors – Although, uncommon, speedometers and odometers can malfunction occasionally as well. This is usually related to a malfunctioning electronic control unit (ECU). It is best to consult a mechanic if it comes to this.
7. Language Scrolling Across Odometer – If the odometer keeps scrolling through the several display languages available, it is damaged and needs to be replaced.
8. Odometer Display Error – If the odometer screen displays an error message instead of the mileage reading of the vehicle, there is most likely a memory chip or software problem and the odometer needs to be replaced.
9. Odometer Display On While the Vehicle is Off – If the odometer display remains on while the car is off, it is an indication towards circuit board issues.
10. Inserted Key With No Warning Signal – If no warning signal or sound activates when opening the door while the key is inserted, it is a huge safety hazard and needs to be dealt with immediately.
11. Check Engine Light Turning On Sporadically or Permanently – This is an indication that the instrument cluster is failing instead of there being something wrong with the engine.

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