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Intake Manifold

What is an intake manifold?

An intake manifold is the part of the engine that supplies the fuel and air mixture to the cylinders. It is found on any vehicle with an IC engine and sits on top of the engine. It has a series of tubes that ensures that the air coming into the engine is evenly distributed to all the cylinders. It also helps to cool down the cylinders to prevent the engine from overheating by letting the coolant run through the manifold to the cylinder heads where it will absorb the heat and reduce the engine temperature. Inlet manifolds are usually made using aluminum or cast iron, although some cars also use plastic manifolds. Even though it’s rare, it is not unheard of for an intake manifold to split and develop a leak. If there is indeed a problem with the intake manifold, you will hear a whistling or hissing noise when you lift the bonnet of the vehicle and listen to the engine when idling, and the engine itself may idle roughly or stall when idling. Even if the split is small, replacement is usually advised.

Signs of a faulty intake manifold

The intake manifold is crucial in determining the air that goes into the engine cylinders for combustion and is therefore responsible for the overall performance of the vehicle. If it malfunctions, it will have a rather large negative impact on the operation of the engine. Some common signs of faulty intake manifold are –

1. Poor Performance And Misfires – A leaking intake manifold will lead to air leaking in and the coolant leaking out. This will lead to a drop in acceleration and fuel economy. Additionally, if the coolant mixes with the oil, you will not only lose the performance of the coolant, but the oil will not be able to function adequately either. This can eventually lead to excessive wear on a lot of components.

2. Excessive White Smoke From Exhaust – If you notice an excessive amount of white smoke coming out of your exhaust after starting the vehicle, it’s because your vehicle is burning coolant. And the only way coolant gets into the combustion chamber is if there is a leaking intake manifold gasket or a leaking head gasket. Thus, if you notice white smoke coming out of the excess after starting the vehicle, it’s time to call in the mechanic.

3. Coolant In The Oil Pan – One of the most common observed signs of a faulty intake manifold is the presence of coolant in the oil pan. This is a serious issue as your vehicle will lose out on cooling properties as well as the lubricating properties of the oil. Therefore, coolant in an oil pan is an issue that will need to be addressed as soon as possible to avoid excessive damage.

4. Visible Coolant Leak – If the intake manifold malfunctions and there is a coolant leak, it can either go the combustion chamber, resulting in excessive smoke in the exhaust, or it can merge with the oil, leading to the presence of coolant in the reservoir, or it can run off the side of the exterior of the intake manifold. In the last case, you will experience excessive smoke coming off the top of the engine if the coolant burns off before it reaches the ground. Or there might be a visible coolant leak under the vehicle. Either way, it would be necessary to call a mechanic at this stage and get your intake manifold replaced.

5. Overheated Engine – A faulty intake manifold will lead to a leaked-out coolant, which will in turn lead to a severe lack of coolant in the engine, which will then result in an overheated engine. This is an eventual process and thus hard to notice. But if you have an overheated engine and cannot figure out where the coolant is going, the culprit would most likely be a malfunctioning intake manifold.

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