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International Harvester created a series of light-obligation pickup trucks from 1957 to 1975, it was also called Travelette produced by the United State. International Harvester Company built International trucks from 1909 to 2022. It was a huge success as it was marketed to farmers and was offered to businesses in urban areas. 

In the range of 1941-1961 they started to build  military strategic vehicles in huge quantities. International business sectors separate 6 series of medium-obligation, rock-solid, and extreme assistance trucks in 2019. International has also built a wide scope of custom and specialty use trucks and chassis.

In 1937-1975 they introduced International Harvester  Pickup & Travelall as individual transporters and standard size sport utility vehicles.

In 1961-1980 they introduced International Harvester Scout was overland adventures vehicles, the main features was an overlay down the windshield.The international Harvester Scout II was as two-entryway trucks with a removable hardtop with choices of a full-length rooftop, half-taxi pickup, and additionally delicate top.

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