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Isuzu is a Japanese automobile company that sells diesel engines and business vehicles, the headquarters is located in Tokyo. They make SUV, Truck, Buses and Cars. But their main focus is on Trucks, construction, and buses. Isuzu has likewise had joint endeavours and various subsidiaries.

In the 1990s Isuzu dropped the idea of cars and started focusing on all sizes of Trucks due to plummeting sales in most of Asia and Africa. Due to a lack of sales in 2009, Isuzu deserted the United States customer market.

Isuzu as a company has generally been basically a maker of small to medium compact vehicles and business trucks of sizes medium duty and bigger, yet marketers all over the world show various needs. On January 31, 2009, Isuzu discontinued the sale of small vehicles from the United States, and in the year 2007 sold 7,098 cars.

For many years Isuzu supplied light domestic and commercial vehicles in Australia. But when it entered the Thai Market it was a big success for Isuzu.

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