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Jaguar is a brand of Jaguar land rover which make luxury cars its headquarters is in England.On 1st January the Jaguar car merged with land rover to frame Jaguar Land Rover. It was 1st established in 1922 by the Swallow Sidecar Company by two motorcycle enthusiasts.In 1945 they changed their name to Jaguar car.

In 1984 it was spin-off from British Leyland and was recorded on the London Stock Exchange turning into a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index until it was procured by Ford in 1990.Jaguar owned by ford, until tata motors buy jaguar and landover in 2008 and he created Jaguar Land Rover in 2013.The outcome was that Jaguar Land Rover Limited became capable in the UK for the plan, assembling and advertising of both Jaguar and Land Rover items

Jaguar Land Rover announced on feb 2021 that by 2025 all Jaguar brands will be fully electric.Currently the new model of jaguar is  I-Pace with a price of 1.08 – 1.12 Cr.

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