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Lotus is a British car brand settled in Norfolk, England. It makes racing cars and sports cars noted for their light weight and fine dealing with qualities.Earlier between 1958 to 1994 Lotus associated with Formula One, through Team Lotus, bringing home the World Championship multiple times.

Lotus Cars was established and claimed for a long time by Colin Chapman.When the logo was made, Colin’s partner believed that the letters represented Colin Chapman and the Allen Brothers.The Lotus Group of Companies was shaped in 1959 which focused on customer competition car and  road cars production, respectively.

In its initial days, Lotus sold vehicles focused on trialists  and privateer racers. Its initial street vehicles could be purchased as kits, to save money on buy charges.

After his passing and a time of monetary instability, it was purchased by General Motors, after DRB-HICOM and Romano Artioli through its auxiliary Proton.Presently it is claimed by Chinese MNC company Geely, with an equity partner Etika Automotive.

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