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Maserati founded on 1st December 1914 in italy.Since 2021, it is owned by Stellantis.Maserati make luxury cars  and are related with Ferrari.The headquarters was established in Modena now but before it was in Italy.

Diatto suspended the development of race vehicles, prompting the formation of the principal Maserati and the establishing of the Maserati marque in 1926.In Targa Florio Diatto 1st Maserati won the race. So, Maserati continues to make more race cars with 4 to 16 cylinders.The logo of the company was designed by Mario Maserati.The logo was appropriate for the sports car because of the way that Neptune addresses strength and energy

In May 2014, because of product dispatches and processing plans, Maserati sold a record of north of 3,000 vehicles in a single month.Due to this reason they increased the manufacturing of Maserati Ghibli and  Maserati Quattroporte models.Davide Grasso announced that by 2025 they will make electric version of all the models.

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