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Rover is a british manufacturing brands established in Solihull, Warwickshire. Its enduring standing for quality and execution was to such an extent that its first postwar model assessed by Road and Track in 1952 was articulated better than any yet a Rolls-Royce. Rover likewise made the Land Rover series from 1948 onwards, which generated the Range Rover in 1970, and proceeded to turn into its best and beneficial item — with Land Rover in the long run turning into a different organization and brand by its own right.

Rover was offered to Leyland Motors in 1967, who had proactively procured Standard-Triumph seven years sooner. At first, Rover kept a level of independence within the Leyland combination, however by 1978, Leyland – by then British Leyland (BL) – had run into serious financial challenges and had been publicly owned by the British Government.

The majority of the resources of the former Rover Company were moved into another BL auxiliary named Land Rover Ltd while the Rover marque itself kept on being utilized on other BL items which depended to a great extent on Honda designing.As of now, the Rover marque is the dormant property of the Rover Company’s true replacement – Jaguar Land Rover which actually works out of Rover’s Solihull plant.

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