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Scion is an ended marque of Toyota that appeared in 2003. Expected to interest more youthful clients, the Scion brand underscored modest, polished, and unmistakable game reduced vehicles, and utilised a streamlined “pure price” deals idea that eschewed conventional trim levels and vendor wrangling; every vehicle was presented in a solitary trim with a non-debatable base cost, while a scope of seller introduced choices was proposed to purchasers for customising their vehicles. The Scion name, meaning the relative of a family or successor, refers both to the brand’s vehicles and their owners. With an end goal to focus on the age Y segment, Scion basically depended on guerrilla and viral promoting techniques.

The brand first delicate sent off in the United States at chosen Toyota vendors in the territory of California in June 2003, preceding growing cross-country by February 2004.Deals peaked in 2006 with 173,034 units sold. In 2010, Scion ventured into Canada. Nonetheless, Toyota’s underlying suggestions of short item cycles and forceful estimating in view of low seller edges turned out to be progressively unreasonable as deals fell after the financial emergency of 2007-2008.

On February 3, 2016, Toyota reported that the Scion brand would be gotten rid of in August after the 2016 model year, contending that the organisation as of now did not expect a particular marque to target a more youthful demographic.

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