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What is a Starter?

A starter or a self-starter or a cranking motor is a device used in an automobile to rotate an internal combustion engine so as to initiate the engine’s operation using its own power. It is a small motor which is powered by the battery using a starter relay. There are three types of starters currently used in IC engines, which are electric starters, pneumatic starters and hydraulic starters.

Internal combustion engines are basically nothing but feedback systems, which rely on the inertia from previous cycle to initiate the current cycle, which is why starters are so important, since without something to power that first cycle, the feedback system of the IC engine won’t start at all.


Symptoms of a faulty starter

 There are many different kinds of starter that are being used currently, but all bad starters display similar signs and symptoms when defective. These five are the most common symptoms that are generally observed if there is something wrong with the starter of the vehicle –

1. Engine Won’t turn On – The most common and obvious sign of a faulty starter is when you turn up your key and absolutely nothing happens. This issue is mostly caused by a burn out starter or fused starter motor or solenoid. This condition can otherwise also be caused by a dead battery. But no matter the inherent problem, if your vehicle does nothing when you try to turn the ignition on, it’s most likely a starter issue and needs to get checked.

2. Starter Cranks But Doesn’t Power The Engine – If it so happens that when you turn on the ignition, the starter is cranking, but still the engine is not powered up and running, then it points towards a mechanical issue with the starter. In this case, either the gear has stripped or been dislocated against the flywheel. Regardless of which case it is, the starter will need to be replaced immediately.

3. Smell/Smoke When Charging – Like most other mechanical systems, the starter is powered by electricity as well. Therefore, there is a likely hood of an overheating problem being developed due to continuous and excess power being supplied to it or because of the motor not shutting down even after the car’s engine being ignited. In this case, you will notice either the presence of a smell or smoke coming out of the engine bay or both.

4. Grinding Noises – This issue occurs due to the starter gears that connect the starter to the flywheel being faulty or worn out. This can also be caused due to a problem within the starter motor itself. Thus, if you notice this symptom, immediate measures should be taken, lest your flywheel be damaged.

5. Light Dimming When The Vehicle Is Started – If your interior or dashboard lights go dim when the vehicle is started, it is a possible sign of a starter failure. This is generally caused by a short circuit in the internal wiring of the starter motor, which leads to the starter drawing excess power to it due to which there would be a drain in other systems such as lights.

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