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Tesla is a American automobile and  sustainable energy manufacturing company based in Austin. Tesla manufactured and design electric cars and trucks.Tesla motors founded in July 2003 by Marc and Martin.The logo is a tribute to Nikola Tesla ,inventor and electrical engineer. Elon Musk became the largest investor of Tesla on Feb 2004.

He has filled in as CEO starting around 2008. As indicated by Musk, the reason for Tesla is to assist with speeding up the transition to maintainable vehicles and energy, through electric vehicles and sunlight based power. Tesla started creation of its most memorable vehicle model, in 2009  the Roadster sports vehicle.

Tesla’s worldwide deals were 936,222 vehicles in 2021, an 87% expansion over the earlier year, and aggregate deals added up to 2.3 million vehicles toward the finish of 2021.Tesla has been the subject of numerous claims and debates emerging from proclamations and demonstrations of CEO Elon Musk and from charges of creative bookkeeping, informant retaliation, labourer privileges infringement, and unsettled and risky specialized issues with their items.

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