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What is a Transmission?

The mechanism that transmits the power generated by the engine of the automobile to the driving wheel is called the transmission system. It changes the gears in a vehicle depending on the speed and accelerator input so that the vehicle’s RPM or revolutions per minute are kept appropriately low. Due to this, the turning gears will not overload the engine and fuel consumption will be decreased as well. When the vehicle is stopped, the transmission will disconnect the engine from the drive wheels so that the engine can keep idling when the wheels aren’t in motion. It is composed of clutch, gear box, transfer case, propeller shaft and universal joints, final drive, differential torque tube and road wheel.

There are many types of transmission like manual, automatic, semi-automatic, continuously variable and dual-clutch. But regardless of whether the vehicle has manual or automatic transmission, all car gearboxes generally works the same way. The only difference is whether the driver has to manually push the clutch by himself to disconnect the engine and transmission to move the car into a new gear level.  Other than that, the gear lever selects and moves gears to connect with each other. The driver will have to perform this operation manually using the clutch if the vehicle has a manual transmission. In a vehicle with automatic transmission, this operation is of course done automatically. When engaged, the clutch or gear lever maneuvers “collar” plates or clutch plates into place to connect to larger gears, which are in turn connected to the vehicle’s differential. As the clutch moves, different gears will be connected at different times. This alters which sets of gears will turn and also the power ratio delivered between the engine and the wheels.

When to change your transmission

As with any other parts, early detection of transmission issues can save hundreds of dollars, as well as prevent further, more serious damage to the vehicle. This is why it is important to learn to recognize the warning signs of transmission trouble and what to do when you start to experience any sign of transmission failure –

1.Transmission Is Slipping – Similar to oil changes and tire rotations, transmissions require a routine and proper maintenance as well to perform well and live a long life. If your transmission seems to slip in and out of gear, especially while climbing or descending steep hills, it is a sign of faulty transmission.

2.Transmission Is Leaking Fluid – Leaking fluid is an indication that your vehicle needs maintenance. But it can be tough to distinguish between transmission and other leaks. A simple way to solve this problem is to try and observe the color of the liquid. If the liquid that your vehicle is leaking is bright red, dark red or brown, it is most likely due to a malfunction in the transmission.

3.Transmission Emits An Unusual Odor – Transmission fuel should be replaced in accordance with the vehicle’s manufacturer’s recommendation. Otherwise, it could cause problems. If there is a smell of a sweet, burning odor, it could possibly be due to the transmission fluid.

4.Transmission Causes Rough Idling – If your transmission is grinding or causing your vehicle to shimmy while idling or driving, it is best to have it serviced. Any vibrations coming from the vehicle should be immediately addressed as well.

5.Transmission Shifts Poorly – Regardless of whether the vehicle has manual or automatic transmission, rough or delayed shifting is a sign of a transmission that is in need of replacement.
6.Vehicle Accelerates Poorly – If your vehicle becomes unusually responsive at green lights or under acceleration, it could be indicative of a transmission problem.
7.Check Engine Light Or Transmission Warning Light Is On – Check engine light is the most obvious and the most important sign to watch out for. Have your transmission checked immediately in this case along with your engine

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