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Yugo is a Zastava automobile manufacturer company originally designed in Italy.The first Yugo model was manufactured on 2nd July 1977. Series creation began on 28th November 1980. The Zastava Koral, a facelifted model, was showcased until 11 November 2008, after creation of 794,428 vehicles.

The yugo was marketed by Malcolm Bricklin from 1985-1992 in the United State.In spite of its moderate success, during its spat in the United States and a few other product markets it was exposed too much analysis over its plan,safety and dependability.Best Yugo model designed between 1988 and early 1991.

1989 was thought of as a “brilliant year” for Yugos because in that year just about 200,000 were built, and many can in any case be seen out and about today. Likewise, vehicles were normally marked Yugo rather than Zastava during that period, in light of the fact that the organisation was investing heavily in the (at that point) great deals and reputation established in the product markets, particularly in the United States.They end their production on Nov 2008.Years after its destruction, the Yugo is still a typical sight in Serbia, with very nearly 60,000 vehicles still being used.Their parts are still available auto store nearby.Barely any yugos are left in the United States,because in view of worldwide assets forced on Yugoslavia in the mid 1990s, which restricted the stock of extra parts and service locations.

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